ML Aero Design Group (MLADG)

Addon Planes for X-Plane 10 & 11


The Aero L-29 Defin  is a military trainer aircraft. It was manufactured by Aero Vodochody. It made its first flight in 1959 and was produced from 1963
to 1974. Ca. 3500 aircraft were built. The aircraft was used mainly in the air forces of the Warsaw Pact. Today the plane is still used by
civilian operators for fun, show and race purposes.

X-plane version created on the basis of real documentation
4 versions are included:

  • racing version used in Reno with 3750 lbs thrust
  • single seater „Akrobat“ version
  • „Akrobat“ version with 3750 lbs thrust
  • Militarized version

The L-29 package also includes the L-13 Blanik.

Pictures of the latest version (1801)

X-Plane 11 pictures

X-Plane 10 pictures

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