• the new version contains the following changes:
  • trim indication rotates in wrong direction
  • left toe brake not animated
  • oil temp. limit based on other dataref (because stat. probe of pilot can fail)
  • turn indicator not indicating
  • flap pitch moment
  • restrict trop version/ sand effects to better defined areas at startup
  • wing object doesnt show broken wing correctly
  • bigger area for fuel pump manipulator
  • flight model tuning (unfortunately, aileron, elevator and rudder response needs to be reduced because original 109 had a roll rate of ca. 2 up to 4 seconds per 45° bank)
  • head shake/ stall indication off when landed
  • sand filter wrong animation
  • moving tail light
    restrict stick movement based on phase out of controls
  • some other smaller things
  • limitation on inverted flight included
  • all moving stabilizer fixed (linked to trim)